Tyger!Tyger! burning bright
in the forests of the night,
what immortal hand or eye
could frame thy fearful symmerty?

Treetop Lounge: Ah, KFtlc fancfiction, where's my chai?
Gurgling Brook's Poerty: And the words keep spilling

Welcome to my corner of the great web.  I have Kung Fu: The Legend Continues fanfic, my poetry, and my term papers from my graduate studies.  Please have fun reading and sign my guestbook if you liked something.  The more messages I get, the more I want to write. 
Peace and love, baby.
New fic COMPLETED!!!!  "Only the Broken Hearted"  Its the sequal to "A Father's Willing Lie"

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Last update: Sept. 27, 2015
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David Carradine, rest in peace, you will always be the "grasshopper" and the one who chose the path less traveled. Thank you for your lessons of peace, forgiveness, and being yourself. You showed me the path into Tae Kwon Do and the teachings of Buddhism. It has invariably, changed my life. 6/4/2009.